Monday, December 2, 2013

Have You Suffered A Work Related Car Accident? Then You Are Entitled To Minnesota Workers Compensation.

Between this past April when we had our last snowfall and today, a lot of people forgot how to drive in Minnesota winters.  With only a few inches of snow this evening, our roads were littered with banged up cars and injured drivers and passengers.  Unfortunately there were 3 car accident related fatalities today around the state of Minnesota related to the the weather.  Many of these accidents involved people performing duties on behalf of their employer and are therefore entitled to Minnesota workers compensation benefits.

Aside from urging everyone to slow down and be more attentive while driving, I also want to remind you that if you were in ANY WAY performing duties or activity on behalf of your employer, your auto accident may be work related.  Were you driving from your office to a meeting?  Were you running an errand for your company or boss?  Were you driving between job sites?  Were you working out of state on a temporary job assignment?  If your answer was "YES" to any of these questions, you may be entitled to unlimited medical coverage, wage replacement benefits, college retraining benefits, and monetary damages for your permanent injury from Minnesota workers compensation system.  Don't assume that your employer or supervisor will advise you of the same.  In a FREE, short conversation with the attorneys of Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability, we can advise you whether you have a work related injury.

We represent clients throughout Minnesota and across the United States who have sustained injuries while driving on Minnesota roads or while traveling outside of Minnesota for their Minnesota employer.  Call the attorneys and staff of Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability today to discuss your car accident.  We can advise you whether your accident is work related and provide you with legal advice pertaining to your workers compensation benefits.  We also work with expert personal injury attorneys who can assist you with the personal injury aspect of your claim.  Call us today at 651-333-3636.  There is NEVER a fee unless we recover benefits for you.  Attorneys Thomas and Kerry Atkinson are waiting to assist you today and represent clients throughout Minnesota.