Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who Are The Best Workers Compensation Attorneys & Lawyers In Minnesota?

How do you choose the best lawyer to represent you in your Minnesota workers compensation case?  First, you should find a lawyer who specializes in workers compensation!  There are far too many lawyers who "dabble" in work comp here in Minnesota.  They will handle your work injury, divorce, DUI, personal injury, bankruptcy and draft a will for you.  Do you think it's really possible to be highly skilled in all these areas of the law?  I don't and neither should you!  Minnesota's workers' compensation laws are very complex and change nearly every year.  I have seen dozens of lawyers profess to be "experienced" workers compensation lawyers and when they appear before a work comp judge, the judge doesn't even know their name.  Keep in mind we only have about 20 workers compensation judges who cover then entire state.  I have appeared before EVERY workers compensation judge in Minnesota hundreds of times during the past two decades.  They know me and I know them.  Does this make me the best workers compensation lawyer in Minnesota?  Not necessarily, but it is an important first step in determining whether I or any attorney is truly "experienced".

The next step is to see how much experience the attorney has in handling work comp cases.  Have they only represented employees?  Do they have any experience representing employers and insurers?  Though I now limit my practice to representing employees, my true insight that I share with injured workers are the secrets I have learned as an insurance company attorney.  I have spent tens of thousands of hours watching and listening to insurance companies review claims for work comp benefits.  I know how they defend the claims, how they value the claim, when they are bluffing and when their offer of settlement is their best offer or simply a starting point.  I have recovered tens of millions of dollars for my clients including one of Minnesota's largest workers compensation settlements in 2011; well over half a million dollars in a single claim!  My success as an attorney for injured workers is directly derived from my experience representing employers and insurers AND my own workers compensation injury.

I am more than happy to meet with any injured workers throughout the entire state of Minnesota.  I have clients all over Minnesota as well as clients in many other states who sustained injuries while working in Minnesota.  Call our office and we will discuss your work injury or current workers compensation claim.  Your call or visit will be absolutely positively FREE.  You never, ever pay a fee until we obtain benefits on your behalf and even then the fee is limited by Minnesota law.  Visit our website today at and call our office at 651-333-3636.  We will meet you near you home or at our office.