Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Planning To Reject A Light Duty Job Offer After A Minnesota Workers Compensation Injury?

No so fast.  If you have sustained a Minnesota Workers Compensation injury and your doctor provides you with work restrictions, an employer may offer you a light duty job until you reach maximum medical improvement and it's determined whether you will have permanent restrictions.  This "light duty" job can be almost anything and can even be with another company.  One of the recent trends in Minnesota workers compensation is to have you work as a volunteer.  Light duty jobs do not need to be even remotely similar to your date of injury job.  A firefighter or carpenter could be placed as a volunteer at a food shelter wiping off tables or serving meals.

There are however some restrictions on light duty jobs.  If your employer and workers compensation insurer offer you a light duty job it's important that you speak with a workers compensation attorney immediately.  At Atkinson Law Office, you will NEVER be charged a fee and your consultation will always be free.  Every one of our expert workers compensation attorneys at Atkinson Law Office has over 22 years of experience in litigation and when you are choosing the best workers compensation attorney, experience matters!  Call us today for a free consultation 651-333-3636.  We represent clients across the state of Minnesota who have sustained work injuries.