Monday, December 20, 2010

Independent Medical Examinations are NOT Independent!

Many injured workers are under the mistaken belief that seeing an IME ("independent medical examiner") is simply a second opinion to address your injuries.  It is NOT!  This is an ADVERSE examination and though the below video makes light of the process you should not!  Though not all IME doctors are crooks, I have run into quite a few over the past twenty years.  Having undergone an IME myself  as well as being involved in thousands of these examinations during the course of my career, I have valuable secrets to share with you about this process. 

I strongly urge you to meet with an attorney BEFORE attending the any examination scheduled by an insurance company.  Contact attorney Tom Atkinson at 651-333-3636 or toll free at 888-933-5619 TODAY and visit our other website at where you will find additional information about workers compensation and independent medical examinations.  At Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability, a free consultation is only a phone call away.