Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Injured At Work? Find An Expert Minnesota Workers Compensation Attorney Today!

Minnesota workers compensation laws require that your employer pay for work comp insurance to provide you protection from any and all work injuries regardless of fault.  These benefits include the lost wages, medical benefits, retraining and monetary compensation for permanent injuries.   Unfortunately, many employers and insurance companies subject injured workers like yourself to the strategy of ignore, delay and deny.   You need a lawyer who knows how counter these tactics.  The lawyers at Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability regularly take workers' comp claims to hearing in order to obtain the wage loss, medical benefits, permanent partial disability awards and other available benefits on behalf of Minnesotan's like you who suffer work injuries. 

In fact, every single day our office receives calls from injured workers.  Most don't want to call, but they feel forced to by an action or inaction of their employer and a workers compensation insurance company.  Please recognize that you are not alone and we are happy to assist you with answers to your questions.  You will not be shamed, forced to "sign up", or in any other way manipulated to have our firm represent just for calling for advice.  In fact, I strongly believe that there must be a sense of trust with us before you hire us.  I'm more than willing to provide you with the name of other great work comp lawyers in our area to assist you should you simply feel that Atkinson Law Office is not the best fit for you.  There are only a handful of lawyers in Minnesota who limit their practices to representing injured workers.  Thomas Atkinson with Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability is one of the few. 

Our initial meeting is always FREE and there is never, ever a fee paid to our office unless we obtain disputed benefits on your behalf.  And even then, we are always paid directly by the insurance company.  You will never write a check to Atkinson Law Office or Minnesota Disability.  For a free consultation, call us today at 651-333-3636.