Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Have A Minnesota Work Comp Injury And Now Have Pain That Won't Go Away. Is There Help?

Chronic pain and Minnesota workers compensation injuries; there is help!

Employers and insurance companies frequently disregard subjective complaints of pain and send people back to work without restriction. Unfortunately, this does not always tell the whole story.
Pain is a complicated issue in the context of a Minnesota Workers Compensation Injury. There is no magic test that can prove what a person is feeling. We see individuals who are told to go back to work even though they cannot tolerate the pain.

The best method to protect yourself with your work comp injury is to communicate openly with your doctor.  Our practice regularly sees new clients who needlessly suffer in pain because they do not know what options are available.  Frankly a lot of doctors simply pretend to be too busy to help injured workers suffering from chronic pain when the real reason is the subject of chronic pain is outside their expertise.

You are entitled to reasonable and necessary medical care for your work injury. This includes hiring a pain specialist if necessary. This is especially true if you have been diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) which is also referred to as complex regional pain syndrome.

If you cannot work, you may be entitled to temporary total disability wage loss benefits.  If you make less money than you did before your injury then you may be entitled to reimbursement for your wage loss through temporary partial disability.  The sooner you get appropriate medical care, the faster you can get back to work.

The attorneys at Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability work their clients in obtaining proper treatment with chronic pain doctors throughout Minnesota every week.  We are familiar with the Minnesota Workers Compensation protocol and procedures for chronic pain benefits and can help you obtain the help you need.  Contact our office today at 651-333-3636 or visit our website for more information  You are NEVER charged a fee unless we recover benefits for you.  Call today!