Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Workers Compensation Insurer Is Paying My Benefits. Do I Really Need An Attorney?

Some injured workers think that an insurance company that is paying them some forms of Minnesota work comp benefits is looking out for them.  Unfortunately this is generally a false presumption and they are not getting  ALL of the benefits they are entitled to receive.  I hate to burst new clients bubbles but almost with exception this notion is wrong.  Wrong I say?  But the adjuster is so nice and they hooked me up with another "nice" QRC who goes with me to the doctor and says nice things...almost like they are my new best friend.   Really?  Do you honestly believe that a for profit insurance company is looking out for you the injured worker?  I have been on the other side; I have been an injured worker; I have represented hundreds and hundreds of injured workers and I can tell you that insurance companies and most employers only care about returning you to work as fast as possible.  This means steering you to doctors who believe that "occupational medicine" requires a finding of returning to work without restrictions as fast as possible, damn the consequences.

I previously worked on the "dark side" of Minnesota's workers compensation system for over 15 years and I can assure you that you are paid only those benefits that are absolutely mandatory and nothing...and I mean nothing more.  Cutting costs, reducing "lost time" claims, steering you towards insurance friendly doctors is a daily activity driven by employers and claims managers.  Don't get me wrong, there are well meaning, kind and thoughtful adjusters who try to work within the limits of their insurance company managers.  But most are like the wonderful actors and actresses of Broadway and those that are truly thoughtful and kind, are overseen by taskmaster management that meet every week to discuss how to manage costs and move cases towards closure as fast and cheap as possible.  This is the real world and you would be shocked, very shocked to know the truth.  Very few of my fellow attorneys who limit their practices to representing injured workers like myself have seen this side of the Minnesota Workers Compensation system. Let me show you the secrets to ensure you get the benefits your are entitled to today.  Feel free to explore my background and learn tips to obtaining all the benefits you are entitled to.  Contact my office for an absolutely free no pressure visit.  651-333-3636