Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's Ahead In For Injured Workers In 2012?

If you were in 2011 and are currently off of work receiving wage loss benefits, most of you will likely face a roadblock to ongoing benefits in 2012.  Terms like MMI (maximum medical improvement), IME (independent medical examinations), NOID (notice of intent to discontinue benefits), and QRC (qualified rehabilitation counselor) are yellow lights warning you of a possible end to your benefits. 

If you receive ANY correspondence from your Minnesota workers compensation adjuster you need to contact a lawyer NOW!  Too often injured workers come to our office many months after receiving letters containing these key words.  It's never too late to come see us, but we will be better able to react if you call us today 651-414-0678.  One of our lawyers can explain to you how your benefits are about to be changed.  Our consultations are always FREE and we urge you to contact a work comp lawyer who specializes in working with injured and disabled employees rather than a general personal injury practice.  Our employees have a combined background over nearly 75 years working with workers compensation claims.  Visit our website at and call to speak with an attorney today at 651-333-3636.