Thursday, January 8, 2015

I Was You. How I Recovered From My Lumbar Surgery Following My Minnesota Workers Compensation Injury.

As a Minnesota Workers Compensation attorney I bring a very unique background in representing my clients.  I began my career as an attorney representing insurance companies and employers in workers compensation matters.  During that time I had three spine surgeries; cervical spine surgery followed by lumbar spine surgery and lastly my third and final repeat lumbar spine surgery.

All three of my surgeries were necessary to repair herniated discs impinging foraminal nerves creating "radicular" symptoms in my arms and legs.  I was unlucky enough to have had two work related low back injuries over the years as the result of slips and falls.  The first occured when I slipped on ice exiting my car in the company parking the lot and years later while running to catch a phone call. 

The surgery to my neck was a cervical microdiscectomy and laminectomy.  I had a slightly different procedure to my lumbar spine in the nature of a microdiscectomy and hemilaminectomy.  In my next blog article I will describe both of these procedures in more detail. 

My recovery times varied dramatically with my surgeries.  My cervical surgery had a 6-8 week recovery time followed by extensive physical therapy.  Though 22 years later I consider the surgery a success, I was left with some residual numbness in my left arm and diminished grip strength.  My lumbar surgeries were a bit more complicated with one recovery lasting about 6 months and the last one taking nearly a year due to complications.

I am nearly 8 years post surgery and in that time I have had some ups and downs but I am very happy with the outcome of all of my surgeries.  This said the choice for surgery is a personal decision that you should discuss with you physician and your family.  As an attorney who has represented hundreds of individuals undergoing surgery, I NEVER tell them what to do.  I share my experiences and remind them that any surgery has risks and the potential for complications.  I have seen absolutely outstanding outcomes and some extremely horrific life changing surgical results.

One of the reasons I started Atkinson Law Office years ago was because of my personal experience litigating my work related lumbar back injury.  Call it Karma or simply bad luck but I experienced what so many of the injured workers with whom I had cases against experienced.  Frustration, anger, disappointment, depression, and the sense that this can't be me.  Like many of my clients I resolved my dispute without having to go to hearing but the experience has shaped how I represent my clients.  My firm is dedicated to zealously representing the injured worker.

For nearly a decade the Attorney and staff of Atkinson Law Office have represented injured workers.  Our past experience as defenses attorneys and even claims adjusters allows us to share the tricks and secrets of Minnesota's worker compensation system with our clients.  There is never a fee to consult with our lawyers and despite your fear that you have to pay a retainer agreement to hire us, it simply is not true.  We only get paid if we recover benefits for you.  Call us for a free consultation.  651-333-3636.  We represent Minnesota injured workers throughout Minnesota and across the entire United States.  We are Minnesota's workers compensation experts.  Visit us at