Monday, June 18, 2012

Who Are The Best Twin Cities Workers Compensation Lawyers?

Who are the best workers' compensation attorneys in Minnesota and the Twin Cities?  I won't list them here but just because they have a website and say they are experienced doesn't make it so.  You don't want a "baby lawyer" representing you on the most important legal case you may ever have.

Hear are some important questions to ask an interview when YOU interview them!

1.  How many years have you been handling workers compensation cases?  If less than 10 years, keep searching.  They simply don't have the experience necessary to represent most complex injury cases.

2.  How many cases have you taken to hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings?  If less than 50 cases, keep looking.  Most EXPERIENCED workers compensation attorneys will go to hearing on a regular basis.  When I go to hearing, I know all the judges and they all know me.  I also know everyone who is anyone in workers compensation.  Those who are "outsiders" standout and may lack the experience to adequately represent you in this specialized area.

3.  Can I speak with YOU the attorney when it's important or must all communication while not in court go through the office staff?  There is no question that all experienced workers' compensation attorneys have exceptional staff that can assist our clients as part of the team that works to represent you.  However I the attorney am the one who should provide LEGAL advice and guidance directly to you regarding your case.

4.  Will you provide me with your cell phone and email address?  Good luck with this one!!!!  If you can get one of the two you are lucky.  I am one of the very few attorney's who offer my cell phone number 651-324-9514 AND my email for you to contact me directly.  Don't believe me, call another work comp attorney and ask them for both!

5.  Have you ever been disciplined by the Lawyers Board of Professional Responsibility?  In two decades I have NEVER been disciplined in ANY manner; public or private by the board.  Public OR PRIVATE!!!!

At Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability you will be represented by Tom Atkinson or another attorney who has at least 10 years experience but more often over 20 years of workers compensation experience.  Call us today at 651-333-3636 for an absolutely free consultation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I Need to Know About Minnesota Workers Compensation Hearings.

I have represented hundreds of clients at workers compensation hearings at the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings.  Over the past 20 years the location of these hearings, the judges, and some of the procedures and formats have changed.  Despite these changes there are some facts that remain the same.  Workers compensation hearings are heard by experienced workers compensation judges NOT juries.  The judges work harder now than ever before with more pressures then ever to move cases quickly to resolution.  Without exception workers compensation judges are professional and courteous to all parties and I'm confident they do their very best in light of the hurdles they face.  We can disagree with their decisions from time to time, but I can assure my clients that our current workers compensation judges take YOUR case very seriously and will consider all the facts and apply the law to the best of their ability when your cases goes to hearing.

In preparing for a hearing keep in mind that one of the key criteria a judge considers is whether YOU and the other party are credible.  If you are credible, there is a strong chance you will prevail.  To this end ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tell the truth.  You are human and can surely forget particular facts but if you are caught in a "lie", your case may have become a herculean task for your attorney.  Like many attorneys, I have no interest in representing untruthful clients.  I can assure you there are lawyers out there who will, but at Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability we would rather put our reputation and hard work into representing the vast majority of those we meet; injured workers like you who want to be made as "whole" as the system will allow.

On the day of your hearing it's important to be on time, turn off your cell phone, act professional, and be prepared to team with your lawyer to WIN!  At Atkinson Law Office we are never afraid to take a case to hearing in order for you to obtain the best result possible.  If you have sustained a work injury contact Tom Atkinson or one of the attorneys with Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability today for an absolutely free consultation.  We represent injured workers across the entire state of Minnesota and across the country who have been injured in Minnesota OR working outside the state of Minnesota for Minnesota companies.  651-333-3636 or call Tom directly on his cell phone at 651-324-9514.