Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You Are Employed By A Minnesota Employer And You Were Hurt At Work. What Should You Do?

We get this question almost every week.  One of the many concerns employee's have is that they will be considered a "traitor" or no longer a "team player".  Some employees even worry that they could be terminated for reporting a work injury.

If you have suffered a work injury DO NOT give in to the pressure.  You may think the injury will pass so as directed by the supervisor you tell the ER or doctor that the injury happened at home and in exchange the employer promises to cover all your medical bills.  Well that is illegal AND as soon as the condition becomes worse the employer no had documented proof that the injury did not happen at work and you and your doctor are the witnesses.  Please don't lie for your employer.  I have seen so many employees burned by this trick. 

Report the injury to your supervisor, human resources and/or the safety director.  I prefer emails as they create evidence of the notice of injury.   If you need to seek emergency medical attention do that first, but then contact your employer as soon as possible. It's important that you document the nature and extent of your injuries and how the injury occurred.  If there was no "specific injury" be sure to describe you work activity in the days, hours and moments before you notice the symptoms.  If your employer will not complete a First Report of Injury (FROI) form, the attorneys and paralegals at Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability are happy to assist you for FREE.  We can provide you with the proper form, assist you in completing it and then file it with with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.  Feel free to contact us at 651-333-3636 and visit us at our website   There is never a fee to meet with us and we only collect a fee if benefits are recovered for you.