Friday, March 19, 2010

The workers' compensation insurance company hired a "Nurse Case Manager" in my case. What does that mean, and how am I supposed to deal with them?

Time and again I ask new clients whether they have a QRC or Qualified Rehabilitation Counselor. These clients often respond that they have a nurse case manager which is the same thing. WRONG!

A nurse case manager is NOT I repeat NOT neutral in any sense of the word. Workers' compensation insurance companies often assign a nurse case manager advising the employee the nurse is merely helping that the injured worker receives the prescribed medical care, and to assure that the worker returns as quickly as possible either in a light duty or full duty position.

The truth is that the nurse case manager often works behind the employee's back to push, bully and force doctors to try to get a premature light duty release from the doctor so you can return. Often this actually leads to delayed recovery and even further injury. Many nurse case managers will try to enter the examination room with the injured worker. You have a right to meet with your doctor privately and unlike many states, here in Minnesota you can prevent the nurse case manager from speaking with the doctor. I often advise my clients to discharge nurse case managers as they serve no benefit to the injured worker. DO NOT ALLOW THE NURSE CASE MANAGER TO SPEAK WITH YOUR DOCTOR PRIVATELY, DEMAND TO BE PRESENT WHEN YOUR MEDICAL CARE IS DISCUSSED.

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