Thursday, May 7, 2015

I Hurt My Shoulder At Work. My Employer Won't Report My Injury What Should I Do?

It's not uncommon for our office to receive a call from an individual who has been performing repetitive over head work for days, weeks, or even years and has started to complain of shoulder pain. Though this symptom can be a sign of a cervical disc injury, more often then not this is the start of a rotator cuff injury.  We see workers who have either specific accident related injuries or those who have developed "Gillette" injuries to their shoulders.  Gillette injuries are what we call work related repetitive stress injuries here in Minnesota.  Often these are diagnosed as rotator cuff injuries.

Rotator cuff injuries are very common work related injuries in Minnesota.  I have handled well over 200 such injury claims in the last 25 years as a Minnesota workers compensation expert.  A rotator cuff is made of muscles and tendons whose function is to hold your shoulder in place.  It is without question one of the most important parts of your shoulder. The rotator cuff enables you to lift your arms up and reach above your head.  The most common Minnesota work related injuries we see are due to repetitive activities or traumatic tears as the result of falls onto outstretched arms or hands.

A rotator cuff injury can be a strain, partial thickness tear or even a full thickness tear.  The treatment can range from physical therapy to arthroscopic (microscopic/camera guided) surgery.  In some extreme cases there is an open reduction (much larger incision) made to better repair the torn rotator cuff.

Recovery can last weeks or months.  During this time you may be able to return to light duty at reduced hours.  In some cases you will be completely off of work.  If you lose time from work, our attorneys can assist you in recovering lost wages for part or all of the time you are off.  If you surgery has been denied or the workers compensation carrier seems to be dragging their feet we can assist in getting you the surgery you need in an expedite manner in many cases.  Contact the workers compensation experts as Atkinson Law Office today for an absolutely free, no hassle consultation.  Our phones are answered 24/7.  Call today for a free consultation 651-333-3636 from the Twin Cities or throughout the entire state of Minnesota.  Visit us at as well.