Friday, June 28, 2013

What Is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) And What Causes It?

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a complicated chronic pain condition that produces significant disability and dysfunction. In a majority of cases, CRPS follows acute trauma or major injury to an arm or leg. Surgery, such as carpal tunnel decompression, can also trigger CRPS. It may also be triggered by a minor injury, such as a strain, sprain or laceration, or spinal cord injury. 

CRPS usually affects the upper or lower extremities, although it can affect other areas of the body as well. The main symptom is constant pain, intensely burning and often out of proportion to the severity of the initial injury. Other symptoms may include dramatic changes in the color and temperature of the skin over the affected limb or body part, skin sensitivity and tenderness to touch, sweating, changes in skin texture, changes in hair and nail growth, swelling and stiffness in joints, and decreased motor ability, especially in the affected body part. Tremor and muscle spasm may develop, and edema of the affected limb can be marked. Muscle atrophy and joint contracture may occur, and bones of the limb can become osteoporotic. 

The cause of CRPS is not entirely understood, although in some cases is thought to stem from dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system that controls blood flow and sweat gland activity. While it is normal for the sympathetic nervous system to respond to injury, the response normally quiets down as healing occurs; however, in individuals with CRPS, it can remain active despite a lack of ongoing trauma. 

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