Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Hurt My Back And Need Surgery, What Now?

Perhaps you are just like me and hurt your back at work.  I hurt my lumbar spine (low back) after a work related fall and had to undergo two lumbar spine surgeries over two years.  It began with severe leg pain and modest back pain.  Perhaps you thought that you hurt your leg and not your back because of the shooting pain, numbness or tingling in your leg.  This is not unusual.  After an MRI and referral to a surgeon you have may been advised to have surgery like me.  What now?

The first time around, I tried a short course of physical therapy and steroids without any success.  I underwent surgery with an excellent neurosurgeon and had great results.  Unfortunately I had a second injury resulting in an even larger disc injury at the same level. The second time I tried to do everything possible to avoid surgery.  I tried physical therapy and two different types of steroids to avoid surgery.  I couldn't sit for long periods, couldn't sleep and was absolutely miserable.  One of the medications I was prescribed resulted in an unpleasant side affect called steroid psychosis which was absolutely frightening!  I relented and underwent a second surgery.  The second surgery had a number of unexpected complications but eventually my luck changed and I have made a good recovery.  Though I still struggle with leg pain and some other issues, I have been able to put in long hours with my legal practice, bike and even run a half marathon. 

Surgery is a serious decision and I counsel clients every week on THEIR decision to have cervical surgery (yep, I've also had neck surgery), back surgery, etc.  Let me help you with your work related injury and counsel you on your options and how surgery will affect your future employment and workers compensation benefits.  Our lawyers have decades of experience each and you will receive personal attention to your claim.  How many lawyers give you their cell phone number to call them with questions?  I do, my cell phone is 651-324-9514.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to visit our website as well www.mndisability.com or call 651-414-0678 to make an appointment.