Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Workers Compensation Benefits Were Suddenly Stopped. What Can I Do?

Attorney Thomas Atkinson has authored numerous articles on the subject of the receipt of Notices of Intent to Discontinue (NOID) Workers Compensation benefits by injured workers in articles published in my blog and national publications such as The American Bar Association Journal and US Law Blog.

At Minnesota Disability and Atkinson Law Offices we believe that your receipt of a NOID signals the single most important time for injured workers to contact an attorney. Neither Tom nor any other Minnesota attorney will charge you a fee for merely discussing this document. If you are an injured working currently receiving wage loss benefits YOU WILL RECEIVE a NOID in your mailbox within the next few months guaranteed! When you receive the NOID you have very little time to act to preserve your right to receive ongoing wage loss benefits. These documents usual follow an “independent medical examination” or return to work slip obtained by pressuring a treating physician to return you work.

Remember that release you signed allowing the insurer to contact your health care providers, well the “nurse case manager” employed by the insurance company earns his/her job by getting you released finished with treatment and returned to work as fast as they can. You should NEVER allow a nurse case manager to assist with your file. They have no right to interfere with your doctor/patient relationship.

As soon as the Notice of Intent to Discontinue Benefits arrives in your mailbox you need to contact an experienced workers compensation attorney who limits their practice to workers compensation matters. Tom Atkinson has the number of the Minnesota Department of Labor employee who sets conferences to contest NOIDs on the speed dial of his phone! Tom will arrange for an expedited conference to your discontinuance action immediately. Contact Tom Atkinson at 651-324-9514 or email me at Feel free to visit my website at