Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are Accidents Away From Work Payable Under Minnesota Workers Compensation?

ABSOLUTELY YES!  Occasionally, work-related accidents occur while you are not physically on the work premises. Minnesota law mandates that if you sustain an injury away from the work site, you may still have the same rights as if the injury occurred on the employer's premises. If you are injured while; traveling for work related business, on your way to a work meeting, traveling to or from a work site, or even participating in a after hours work event with clients or customers, Minnesota workers compensation laws hold that the injury is in the course and scope of your employment.

At the Law Offices of Thomas Atkinson and Minnesota Disability I help injured workers recover rightful benefits following an accident away from work. Contact me, Tom Atkinson to speak with an experienced Minnesota Workers Compensation lawyer with nearly two decades of experience.

Though my practice is limited to workers compensation and disability matters, I have partnered with extremely effective personal injury lawyers to ensure that you receive all of your workers compensation benefits while also pursuing negligent parties following all types of accidents away from work, such as:

* Slip and fall accidents away from work: such as workers injured from falling down the stairs in a home in which repairs are being made (cable repairs, utility repairs, etc.) or a delivery person who trips over a dog leash on the porch steps

* Dog bites/animal attacks away from work: such as a delivery person or lawn service person attacked by a dog or a construction subcontractor attacked while replacing the dining room cabinets in a home

* Car/truck accidents away from work: such as a garbage truck driver or delivery truck driver injured in a truck accident while performing job duties or any other employee involved in a car accident in the scope of employment

Whether an injury is sustained while lifting boxes in the warehouse or in a car accident while running an errand for your boss - Minnesota workers’ compensation laws govern all work-related injuries. Generally, people who sustain on-the-job injuries may only seek compensation for medical expenses, wage loss, permanent partial disability, vocational retraining and other expenses by pursuing a workers' compensation. However, when an accident occurs away from work, there are often additional claims against at-fault parties other than your employer, which may be pursued.

By partnering with very well respected personal injury attorneys I help clients understand their rights and pursue the full compensation they need and deserve. When workers' compensation benefits are paid and a third party claim is settled at a later date, I have the experience and skill to effectively negotiate with your employer's insurance company so that minimal workers' compensation benefits are paid back. Creative discussions have resulted in significant reductions or even waivers of these claims for repayment.

If you have sustained an injury away from work, contact attorney Thomas Atkinson of Atkinson Law Offices and Minnesota Disability for a FREE consultation. Under Minnesota Workers Compensation laws, an attorney may NOT charge a retainer and can only collect a fee from the employer and workers compensation insurer if they assist you in recovering benefits. Contact attorney Tom Atkinson today at 651-324-9514 or email at Also visit his website at