Monday, April 27, 2009

My Employer Won't Complete An Incident Report or First Report of Injury, What Should I Do?

What If My Employer Didn’t Complete a First Report of Injury?


First Reports of Injury refer to a workers compensation form that is required by the Minnesota Department of Labor to be completed whenever there is ANY work related injury.  In my practice I have seen literally hundreds of instances where a First Report of Injury for a workers compensation injury was intentionally not completed.  In many of those instances the Employer believes they can save money and avoid an increase in their insurance rates by continuing the Employee’s pay (in some instances) and covering the medical expenses under the Employee’s health insurance.  Unfortunately this is not only illegal, but also it often turns into a defense by the Employer that the injury never occurred.


As an injured worker if your Employer refuses to turn in a First Report you have the absolute right to complete a copy yourself.  Unfortunately, injured workers are often fearful that doing so will result in termination of their job.   This usually doesn’t occur, but if itdoes, there are strict civil remedies separate from your workers compensation rights that can be pursued.  I often suggest the following to my clients the following; “A work injury will likely affect you for your entire life.  Employment, no matter how well it is going today, usually only lasts for a few years.”


I strongly urge you to protect your health for the sake of yourself and your family.  Even if your injury is years old and your Employer never completed the First Report of Injury, in many instances a workers compensation claim can still be made.  I can review your case and will usually be able to advise you of the same during our first meeting. 


I represent injured workers at Atkinson Law Offices and Minnesota Disability.  My entire practice is focused on sharing the secrets and tips that the workers compensation insurers refuse to tell you.  In almost every instance where I meet with a client, I find a benefit that is overlooked and not being properly paid.  Whether you have an admitted or denied injury, I would be happy to discuss your case with you.  You can reach me directly at 651-324-9514.  Remember there is NEVER EVER a fee unless you recover a benefit.  This means there is no retainer or payment ever made by you to me!