Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Do I Choose A Minnesota Workers Compensation Attorney?

Though there are many attorneys who can represent you in a workers compensation matter, I strongly urge that you select one that has at least 10 years experience, have never been disciplined by the professional board of responsibility, and limits their practice to representing disabled or injured workers.  

Many attorneys advertise that they can help you if you have been involved in a car accident, dog bite, slip and fall, or even a workers compensation matter.  This may be true, but given the complexity of Minnesota Workers Compensation laws one needs to ask how well can they represent me in this specialized area.  Some questions you should ask your attorney include:

1. Do you limit your practice to workers compensation,
2. Have you ever been discipline by the Minnesota Supreme Court,
3. Can they name 10 workers compensation judges from memory and ALL of the members of the Workers Compensation Court of Appeals,
4. Have they ever taken a work comp case up the Minnesota Supreme Court,
5. Do they have any special experiences which can assist you in your case (personal experience with work comp case, represented employers, insurers and injured workers).

I suggest that you use tools like the internet to research the attorney you plan to hire.  Find out whether the attorney has ever been disciplined (link on my web site), determine how long the attorney has been out of law school (link on my web site), call them on the phone or visit their office to see if you can work with this person.  You need to find an attorney that will be a "good fit" for you and your case.  

I have turned down clients seeking representation and referred them to other experienced workers compensation attorneys who might be a better fit than myself.  I pride myself in a personal approach to representing my clients and I want them to feel same about me.  If you would like to meet to discuss how I can assist you with you injury claim, feel free to contact me directly at 651-324-9514 or visit my website