Monday, January 23, 2017

Spinal Cord Stimulators. Are They Safe And Will Work Comp Pay For One?

Spinal cord stimulators have been around for decades.  In the nearly 25 years that I have been a workers compensation attorney, I have been involved in nearly a hundred cases involving spinal cord stimulators.  The first observation I have is that the actual devices have dramatically changed over time.  The first ones were large, clunky, plagued with software issues and not permanent.  They are none of those things now as you can see from the image to the right.

Years ago I represented a "retired" US Marine who sustained a significant back injury.  After a "failed" lumbar fusion his surgeon recommended a spinal cord stimulator.  "Bill" wanted to be able to get back into his farm fields to drive tractors and bale hay for his livestock.  After the stimulator was implanted Bill was a changed man.  His smile returned, he was extremely mobile and yes he was able to get back on his tractor.  I spoke with Bill a few days ago and he recently had a new model implanted that was voluntarily paid by the workers compensation insurer after losing the first fight nearly 10 years ago.

The process has changed somewhat since Bill had his stimulator implanted.  Bill's device was recently replaced because the battery power was failing.  New models are much smaller and  unlike Bill's first model, they can be charged subcutaneously or through your skin.  In addition the software which is just as important as the hardware has dramatically improved.

Over the past decade Atkinson Law has NEVER lost a spinal cord stimulator claim.  NEVER!  There are specific rules that must be followed by your treating physician to obtain approval and payment for your device.  At Atkinson Law we have a very successful model we follow to present a strong claim where appropriate, to assist you and your physician obtaining approval.  If you are considering a spinal cord stimulator I strongly urge you to contact one of our attorneys today.  Call 651-333-3636 and visit our website at You consultation with our expert attorneys is always free and if we get your spinal cord stimulator approved, our fees will be paid directly by the workers compensation insurer.