Sunday, April 17, 2016

Atkinson Law Office Wins Minnesota's First Work Related Medical Marijuana Case!

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog article about the expansion of medical marijuana as a tool for treating chronic pain and muscle spasm.  For those who are new to the changes in Minnesota law, in 2015 medical marijuana use was expanded through rules changes by our state legislators and Governor Mark Dayton.  By the summer of 2016 medial marijuana can now be prescribed for pain purposes alone.  Prior to this legislative change, medical marijuana was primarily allowed to only treat terminally ill patients.  No more!

For those of us who represent injured workers, we have noticed dramatic changes in the use of prescription narcotics and opioids in treating chronic and often intractable pain.  Gone are the days when Oxycodone or Percocet are prescribed for months or years to treat chronic pain.  Now a cost effective and far less addictive alternative is being allowed as an effective potential tool by medical practitioners to replace opioids and narcotics.  And Atkinson Law Office is proud to be leading the charge in this change.

In the fall of 2015 Atkinson Law Office was contacted by an injured Minnesota workers compensation claimant who suffers from chronic pain.  He fought long and hard to avoid using narcotic medications following his return to full time employment.  Despite multiple spine surgeries and hard work to retrain himself, he was still plagued by chronic muscle spasm and pain.  Working with the injured worker, Atkinson Law Office filed a claim petition seeking payment of medical marijuana for our client.  Though the insurance company initially fought our efforts, through skillful advocacy for our client the insurance company eventually was force to agree to pay for his medical marijuana.   At a fraction of the cost of narcotic medications, medical marijuana also has far less addictive properties than narcotics and is a reasonable alternative to control pain and muscle spasm.  Atkinson Law couldn't be prouder in being Minnesota's first successful medical marijuana victory in a workers compensation claim.  

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