Sunday, February 24, 2013

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Workers Compensation Office

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry in St. Paul Minnesota does many things to assist employers and employees throughout our state.  One of their biggest functions is assisting employers and employees who have sustained workers compensation injuries.  The office does NOT and can NOT represent injured workers.  Keep in mind that the DOLI help desk employees give advice to employers, insurance companies AND employees, and are not bound by attorney client privilege.   In fact, some of those with whom you speak to might not even be attorneys.

If you need legal advice I strongly urge you to contact an experienced workers compensation attorney first.  A private workers compensation attorney will give you excellent advice free of charge.  The Minnesota Department of Labor has an excellent and important role in assisting injured workers.  However, providing legal advise is not one that I support nor recommend for most injured workers.

If you have been injured please call a licensed and experienced workers compensation attorney immediately.  You can find them through the Minnesota State Bar Association, Minnesota Association for Justice and at fine law offices such as Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability.  We offer free consultations at no charge by simply calling 651-333-3636.