Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Settled My Workers Compensation Case Years Ago. Now What?

NEVER ever assume that your case is settled completely. Even seasoned lawyers make mistakes in reading settlement documents and mistakenly believe a case is closed. In fact, I had a well known defense attorney claim to me just the other day that my clients claim for permanent total disability was closed; he wrote a letter to the judge telling him the same thing. I obtained a copy of the settlement papers and guess what? The settlement only closed out his benefits up to the date of the settlement and NOT future benefits. If an attorney with over 25 years experience can get it wrong don't assume you are also reading the documents correctly. Facts change, the law changes, your condition may have worsened over the years. All of these elements can result in new claims or reopening of old claims. Call our office for a free consultation. We would love to review your old settlement agreements and advise you whether you have an ongoing entitlement to benefits. At Minnesota Disability and Atkinson Law Office P.A. we have recovered millions of dollars of benefits on behalf of our clients! 651-324-9514 or toll free 800-933-5619. You may also contact us through our website at