Friday, May 22, 2009

If I'm Involved In A Car Crash While Working Can I Sue The Driver AND Collect Workers Compensation Benefits?

Absolutely YES! Though Minnesota Workers Compensation benefits are "primary" over No Fault Insurance benefits you may still bring a personal injury action against the at fault party. In addition, there are other benefits that workers compensation will not cover and your no fault carrier is obligated to pay; ie household chores, regular home maintenance such as yard work, etc.

If you are a traveling employee or coming or going from a business trip you are covered from your home and back. This is different than most work related injuries where you only have coverage on the physical job site. Accordingly it's important you talk with an experienced workers compensation attorney who understands ALL of your rights and potential benefits.

At Atkinson Law Offices and Minnesota Disability we work with a select group of personal injury law firms to maximize your recovery of both workers compensation and personal injury benefits. Attorney Thomas Atkinson has handled thousands of workers compensation matters over his nearly two decades of experience and recognizes the importance of coordinating both your workers compensation and personal injury benefits. Call me Minnesota Disability and Atkinson Law Offices today at 651-333-3636.